1. Jesus follower
Synonyms: risk-taker, dedicated, Karing, has a lot of Karicter, unstoppable
2. A girl who knows she has much to learn.
Synonyms: live sound engineer, person doing life

My name is Kari Martinez, I'm a live sound engineer, and I graduated in May of 2019 with my BA in Mass Communication from California State University, Los Angeles. In 2015, I became interested in the field of Communication when my music teacher let me intern for her record label, and let me run her social media, book some gigs, and sell merchandise at one of her concerts. I realized how important it was to interact with people when I realized my voice caused action: receiving comments on posts, getting gigs, selling CDs. My love for music and communicating were the stepping stones that led me to live sound. I knew I wanted to be in the music scene, but I was too young to realize where I properly fit in. Behind the scenes was where I found my niche.

I knew some concepts of live sound from hanging around my music teacher, but I didn't know much. I've been officially involved with live sound since 2018; I started volunteering at Harvest Christian Fellowship, and have learned so much since. I have been blessed to have moved up and gain a plethora of opportunities and experience including: freelance, shadowing, networking, and now work full time at my church Water of Life Community Church . I fell in love with sound and the idea of it being an art and a science... like communication. 

Realizing there are not a lot of female influences in A/V, I created this website so I can introduce myself to other girls and meet new friends. Being a work in progress, both my website and me, I hope to merge my study of communication and experience in live sound to fine-tune, expand, and explore my abilities, crafts, and skills to be a better resource for others.